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In and Shoulders, arms, Neck

Rear Deltoid and Upper Back Stretch:

Hands behind the head, elbows wide. Bring elbows together in front of the face.

Face Up Shoulder Rotation Stretch:

Face up with arm out to side with the elbow bent at 90 degrees and supported on a flat surface. Rotate the shoulder so the arm is up and the hand is by the head, and then slowly rotate the shoulder so the arm moves down and the hand is near the hip.

Micro-Break Overhead Stretch:

Stretch one arm towards the ceiling, switch arms, and then stretch both arms to the ceiling while turning the hands out.

Micro-Break Back Squeeze:

Squeeze your shoulder blades together over the spine and push your hands towards the ground.

Trapezius Self-Stretch:

Place a hand over your low back, palm out. Turn your chin slightly toward that side. Using your other hand, reach over your head and pull it sideways along the line of your shoulders.

Levator Scapula Stretch:

Place a hand over your low back, palm out. Turn your head about 45 degrees in the opposite direction and bring your chin towards your chest. With your free hand reach over the head, grasping it in the back. Gently pull it forward along that 45 degree angle, bringing the chin closer toward the chest.

Corner Pectoral/Chest Stretch:

Facing a corner, upper arms parallel to the ground and elbows bent at 90 degrees. Place forearms flat against the wall and stagger your foot stance into a lunge position. Lunge forward into the corner until you feel a stretch across your chest.


Download Neck Shoulders Arms Target Stretches


levator scapula stretch

levator scapula stretch

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